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Vacuum therapy (cupping massage)

Vacuum therapy (cupping massage) is a method of external influence on the body, popular in Eastern medicine. This is one of the therapeutic areas, which consists in local reflex action on the human body with discharged air. This method of treatment through low blood pressure is popularly known as banks or cupping massage.

All methods of Tibetan medicine are based on the principle of interconnectedness of all elements of our body. Therefore, the principle of therapeutic action of cupping massage is the beneficial effect of vacuum on the biologically active points of our body associated with certain organs.

Vacuum therapy is beneficial to blood circulation, restores body tissues and helps to remove toxins. A whole set of painful symptoms are treated with Tibetan massage, allowing you to enjoy life over again without consumption of medications and unpleasant medical procedures. In addition, after completing a course of vacuum massage, you will feel a clear improvement for the entire body.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system of the vascular system, the bronchovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract, cupping massage is widely used in the treatment of neurological disorders.

Therapeutic action of vacuum therapy

The treatment with cupping massage is based on the preliminary determination of treatment goals and corresponding biological points. Vacuum therapy has an incredibly wide field of impact - from sports injuries to post-traumatic rehabilitation.


  • relieving of congestive phenomenons in organs and tissues
  • conduction of effective lymphatic drainage
  • The position correction of the internal organs
  • restoration of the diseased blood-stream (varicose veins, hemorrhoids);
  • restoration of sluggish intestinal motor skills;
  • regulation and recovery of functions of the stomach, gall bladder, kidneys, and other organs;
  • diagnostic procedure of the body's lymph and blood circulation;
  • immune stimulation (noninvasive autohemotherapy);
  • treatment of colds;
  • relieving of stress and abnormal cellular memory with structural connective tissue, thereby eliminating the cause-and-effect chains of certain chronic conditions;
  • treatment of excess weight;
  • cosmetic effect (increasing of skin tone).