Оздоровительные процедуры в тибетском центре здоровья RINCHENLING

Needle therapy and acupuncture therapy

Traditional methods of treating diseases are based on the consumption of large ammount of medications. During the day, city residents consume tons of medicines and inject hundreds of liters of various solutions into their veins. Consumption an enormous number of medications results in occurance of allergic manifestations, stomach ulcers, liver pain, blowing intestines, and the sciatic nerve is affected by dozens of injections into the buttock.

Acupuncture compares favorably with medical methods for treating diseases in that it does not cause poisoning of the body with chemicals. If the body can fight the disease itself without the use of drugs, then you must give it this opportunity. To be honest, needle injection into the skin is a little painful, but you need to choose of "two evils" that is less harmful. In addition, many diseases are treated by acupuncture 2-3 times faster in comparison to a drug therapy. Tibetan medicine doctors use in their practice a number of laws to create an energy balance in the human body.

Diseases violate the energy harmony, which is expressed in the occurrence of an excess of energy in one Meridian with a mandatory lack of it in the other. You can cure the disease only by reducing the energy level in the Meridian with excess energy and increasing the amount of energy in the Meridian with its lack. Ancient Tibetan medicine has developed a list of laws for creating energy balance in the body.

In Tibetan traditional medicine, almost always the treatment of the disease is carried out simultaneously with herbs, diet and acupuncture…